Taking it for granted

Quality of Life Safety is just one of many great features of living on the range. We take it for granted. We take lots of other things for granted, too. Like our affordable housing, quaint neighborhoods, funky downtowns and our ability to walk just about anywhere.

Our public schools are excellent, with over 90% of our students graduating and going onto higher education. Our college is fantastic. Its modern campus is bustling with activity. Located on beautiful Mt. Zion, the college offers a variety of educational and recreational opportunities.

Oh, and very little traffic. And the fact that it's a great place to raise a family. And our state of the art hospital and commercial airport. And our historic theatres, play houses and art shops. And our sense of community.

Especially our sense of community.

Stress-free life

Quality of Life We can't guarantee you a stress-free life. That's mostly up to you. But we can sure help. Safer places mean less time worrying. Cheaper housing means less time working. No traffic jams mean more time playing.

You get the picture.

Is that a fact?

A salary of $50,000 here equals a salary of $73,000 there.

A house costing $100,000 here, costs $156,000 there (many are available for under $50,000!).

The average commute is 16 minutes here, 40 minutes there.

Air quality is 95% here, 1% there.

Yes, that's a fact.