Feel at home

Social Networking Lots of young people have already moved here from someplace else. They moved here mostly for our scenic beauty, our quality of life and our adventure sports.

If you move here for some of the same reasons, you'll find plenty of company.

Many moved here without knowing another soul. But our many social networking opportunities made them feel at home. You'll feel at home, too.

Networking Organization

Social Networking The Gogebic-Iron Range has an organization called Go-In Forward that caters to those between the ages of 21 and 40 and those young at heart. Their mission is "Supporting our area’s next generation through social-networking, education, and community involvement.”

The group holds regular social events, outdoor activities and reading groups throughout the year.  More details can be found on their Facebook page.

Is that a fact?

Many young people have already moved here, seeking an adventure lifestyle – or just a great place to live. You’ll have no problem finding people with common interests.

We have dozens and dozens of sports, adventure, activity and social clubs, teams and associations.

And plenty of churches to choose from.

That's a fact, too.